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Secret Ranger for TaintedDNA by asel1
I've been doing daily doodles by asel1
I like drawing for people, but am not motivated enough rn to make a proper widget. So just message me if you have something in mind, and we can work something out! : D


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Tumblr: fullmetal-mix || ayiling <<art blog
Fanfiction: aseliger
Archive of Our Own: liberosis

Eyyy I'll work on my profile later. Basically what you need to know about me is that I like to art and would probably like to be your friend haha seriously just message me whatever and I'll rant with you without batting an eye ahaaaha
(I'm kinda lonely lol)

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Avatar and page doll my the amaazing BlazingWolf9! ^0^
Tagged by :iconblazingwolf9:

Must post all rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own
4. Literally tag 13 people
5. You can't say you don't do tags
6. Tag backs are allowed
7. You must make a journal entry
8. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says
9. Be creative with the title!

1. The title is my favorite BTS quote ahaha
2. I really like kpop! I'm also rlly excited for EXO's comeback *o*
3. I actually kinda like ask memes. They can be fun when my phone doesn't crash on me!
4. My most used emoji is probably this one 😏 or this ✨ or this 👌
5. Right now I'm sitting on my bed, partway through a watercolor thing
6. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and wondering why it's a "classic" novel when all it is is gossip-level relationship issues
7. I love peanut butter (but honestly who doesn't? Unless you're allergic ofc)
8. A friend convinced me to watch Miraculous Ladybug. It's good!! But gahh the visuals yuck 😱 and the frustrationnn ahskak when will they get together
9. I've been putting designs on tshirts and shoes and they're pretty cool if I do say so myself
10. Lmao my grammar online is pretty bad but irl I'm much better I got a 36 on the English section of the ACT honest
11. I'm going to be a junior (screams) auugh time flies
12. I like to draw hooved mammals like horses, giraffes, cows, etc etc idk why their faces are just fun
13. I'm a Ravenclaw! According to the one quiz on Pottermore at least ✨

FROSTLlLLY's questions~
1. Which do you have more often- nightmares or dreams?
Dreams, but I think I had a nightmare last night? I was in a horror movie or something except it was real and I lived in a haunted house and it was really scary but I don't remember it haha
2. Allergic to anything?
Stupidity (ahaha no jk nothing)
3. What do you do when you get home from school(or work or whatever)
 Waste time online *~* also eat and draw and sleep
4. How long do you usually sleep for?
School nights, I average 6–7 hours. Now, in the summer, about 9–10 hours/night!
5. What do you enjoy drawing the most?
Cute people and hair (but not coloring hair ashakksk) and also mouths for some reason but not on faces just floating mouths everywh e r e
6. What is your favorite music genre?
Does kpop count? Well, there's that and pop and rock! Anything with an anthem-like chorus
7. Do you wanna have a bad time?
8. Pillows or blankets?
9. Hot area or cold area?
It depends on what season you ask
10. Would you undo anything from your past?
Yes but nothing major, just an embarrasment here and there
11. What do you plan on being for your future career? And if you can't decide or
don't have anything in mind, what did you want to be when you were little?
I wanna be rich! I'm thinking perhaps the medical field (pathology?) or actuarial science. But if money weren't a priority, something to do with art probs
12. Have you ever dyed your hair?
Nah, but I'm curious as to how I'd look with blue or purple hair! Not curious enough to dye it, though maybe in the future
13. Would you fuse with me? B)
I don't really know you but you sound cool B)

My questionss
1. Are you outgoing at all?
Not really
2. Favorite music artist?
The band BTS! I also like Basille and EXO and BigBang!
3. Favorite Youtuber, or youtubers?
4. Link the current song you are listening to, if not, the current song that is in your head
Glass Heart Hymn - Paper Route (I'm listening to an 8tracks playlist right now, so I actually have never heart this sound before. It's okay!)
5. Current obsession?
Kpop sweats
6. What are you looking forward to this Christmas?
Not having food and getting presents because I am disgustingly materialistic ahaha
7. How long have you known me?
Oh man did we first meet on Sketchfu? That was years ago ahhaha good times. Someone should revive SF bc that site was awesome
8. Your favorite fictional character that is still one of your favorites today?
Artemis Fowl is a nerd but one of my favorite nerds
9. Which character of mine do you like?
Chopi is rlly cute and so charismatic ^3^
10. What do you think of my page? (it's weird but I'm waiting till I get membership one day)
11. Favorite soundtrack?
The HP ones are very noice
12. What am I to you?
A rad internet bud and art inspo and a wonderful person to know : D
13. Do I ask good questions?
Yeah!! :la:

1. Fav hobby (outside of art ofc)?
2. Site you used to go on all the time?
3. Fav tv show?
4. App you use most often?
5. Funniest joke you've ever come up with?
6. How do you feel about puns?
7. Do you know your MBTI type (if so, what is it?)?
8. Will you give me 100000 dollars please?
9. Can you solve a Rubik's Cube?
10. Meme that annoys you?
11. Artistic medium you want to try?
12. If given the chance, would you like to try skydiving?
13. If money weren't an issue, what job would you like to have?

I don't even know 13 people aahha but I'll compromise (ey only do this if you want to!!)
yes I did just tag myself that way my list of people looks less sad ahahaha 💦

Have a good day ouo
  • Listening to: kpop *sweats*
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice

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Hai friend :heart: : D
I was wondering if you could send the pics again of the guy you want me to draw again for the commission and send in the points too please :>
Thank you~! C:
asel1 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh sure!
Here's the images:………

And the points should already be in your account, since you accepted the commission! According to the nessage I have, "The Points required for this commission have been deducted from your account." So you might want fo check your points history : D
Tell me if ya need for pics or if the points didn't transfer :la:
BlazingWolf9 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And sorry about that :'D I didn't check omg
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